Truly an industry first, the Engage 911 Marketing Boot Camp program is a unique, integrity-based educational offering that promotes a more effective process for developing contracts and expanding your medical transportation business.

Budgets are tight, and competition is stiff for most NEMT and ambulance companies.

Engage911 offers your organization a cost-effective Marketing Boot Camp designed to get your associates up to speed quickly and generating revenue immediately upon completion of this comprehensive market growth planning session.

The Marketing Boot Camp curriculum is an intensive educational program designed to teach your marketing associates how to build relationships and gain market share.

Gone will be the days of randomly throwing pens or handing out pizza at facility staff in hopes of gaining business.

By the end of the Marketing Boot Camp you can rest assured that your marketing team will be prepared to build relationships, negotiate transport contracts, and resolve customer incidents in a way that provides an exceptional level of customer service and satisfaction.

This intensive one-on-one or small group training is narrowly focused on supporting the Marketing Associate and/or marketing department.

Additionally, high level collaboration with leadership in developing a business development strategy that prevents “leakage” to other providers and secure market share is also included with the session.

In the work sessions, we will help implement an internal data collection process that zero’s in on targeted date for each marketing associate to use daily.

All facility requests, callers, volume trends and incidents will be tracked in a meaningful way to identify trends and opportunities within the market.

Additional Valuable Industry Topics include:

• Assistance in the development and implementation of marketing material to include both print and electronic media (social media, compelling collateral, websites, blogs, etc.)

• Development of community-based media programs that work for your market.

• Keys to developing responses to Request for Proposals (RFP), service contracts or operating agreements with healthcare providers.

• Development of comprehensive reports detailing activity, contacts, strategies and market opportunities.

• Implementation of a market leading Customer Quality Program that includes, facility surveys, complaint resolution process, customer service training program and the tracking of all incidents related to the delivery of service.

Whether you’re the CEO, President, Owner, or Marketing Associate participation in this customized boot camp will leave the team with the tactics and strategies to increase market share within the first 90 days of implementing the lessons learned.

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