Arizona Cardinal Stadium EMS Partnership Kicked Off By Setting New Guinness World Record

Glendale, AZ- The Glendale Fire Department and Southwest Ambulance announced it they have been awarded a contract to serve as emergency medical providers at the new Cardinals Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. The contract was signed following their joint proposal to the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority and Global Spectrum.

“We believe the collaboration of Southwest Ambulance and the Glendale Fire Department at Cardinals Stadium will create the ideal partnership for ensuring the safety of our guests” stated Peter C. Sullivan, General Manager for Global Spectrum at Cardinals Stadium.

“Glendale Fire and Southwest crews do a great job working together on Glendale streets and have been for 20 years,” said Glendale Fire Chief Mark Burdick. “We look forward to that experienced teamwork continuing inside the Stadium.”

“Glendale Fire and Southwest just marked our 20th year working together to ensure the public’s safety,” said Barry Landon, President of Southwest Ambulance. “We’re very excited that our trusted relationship led to this joint proposal.”

The contract will cover all Stadium events with the agencies working together to provide medical coverage from first aid to life threatening emergencies including ambulance transportation. For larger events, Glendale Fire and Southwest will set up an entire command and control center, including radio operations for onsite medical personnel.

“Working together, the Glendale Fire and Southwest are ready to care for the emergency medical needs of Cardinals Stadium patrons,” said Mike Shabkie, Vice President at Southwest Ambulance who oversees the company’s West Valley 911 system.

On July 29th, prior to the stadium’s first event in August, Southwest Ambulance and Glendale Fire taught 1039 new Stadium employees how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), establishing a new Guinness World Record for Largest AED Training Session.

The record was set during a pep rally and customer service training event organized by Global Spectrum. The training was especially appropriate since Global Spectrum strategically placed several of the life saving AED devices around the Stadium should an event patron suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

The AEDs and training were coordinated through Southwest’s Project Heartbeat Public Access Defibrillator program. The record is pending a final review by Guinness World Records.

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Michael Shabkie